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Australian History


She Wanted To Fly

In the 1930s Nancy Bird Walton became known as the "Angel of the Desert", working with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Some tried to discourage a woman flying on her own in the turbulent conditions of the outback.

From the website Australians At Work

The Sugar Labour Trade

Phyllis Corowa's father and grandmother were taken from Vanuatu to work on a Queensland sugar plantation.

From the website Pacific Stories

Government and Law


The Government Machine

Available in various models fuelled by ideological steam, the government contraption has survived numerous violent revisions.

From the website Human Contraptions

The Law Machine

Starting as a simple apparatus to test sin and guilt, the law has become one of our most convoluted contraptions.

From the website Human Contraptions

Broadcaster control

Liz Jacka details the history of broadcaster control and the introduction of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board.

From the website From Wireless to Web

Historical Perspectives


The Global Machine

Humans have always argued over territory; it’s just that the weapons get deadlier and the rules keep changing.

From the website Human Contraptions

Indigenous Studies


Faith Bandler - Activist

Civil rights activist Faith Bandler has made an enormous contribution to the peace movement and indigenous politics.

From the website Australian Biography