Accessing the Video

To access video clips on this site, you will need to have the free Flash player plug-in (version 6 or higher) installed in your browser.

If you do not wish to install the Flash player plug-in, you can still use the downloadable video option (see below).

Downloadable Video

Why download the video?

In addition to being able to view the video clips as Flash video on the study module pages, you can also download the video clips as MP4 files. These are video files that can be played on your computer using Quicktime or VLC Player software.

This also means you can access the video if you don’t have wifi or a broadband connection. This is particularly useful in classroom situations where a net connection may be unavailable or unreliable, or where many students need to view the video simultaneously on multiple computers – a situation which could otherwise clog up the school’s internet connection.

How to download a video clip

If you can’t see the download links, first click ‘Download the Video Clip’ to show the download links.

There are two different versions of the downloadable video – a Premium version (best quality) and a Broadband version (good quality). Right-click (or Command-click on Apple computers) on the link, and choose ‘Save Link As…’ or ‘Save Target As…’, then choose where to save the clip. The time taken to download will depend on the speed of your internet connection.