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Aussie-made content thumbnail

Aussie-made content

Australian film and television production is competing in a globalised world with big international production companies who market their product effectively to the world market.

National / Year 9 & 10 / English and Media Literacy / Australian television
Australian television drama thumbnail

Australian television drama

Australian content on television reflects our culture and our society. Mac Gudgeon celebrates the importance of Homicide in the history of Australian television production. Stuart Cunningham and Scott Goodings remember some of the popular dramas which showed Australians that they could love Australian programming.

VIC / VELS Level 6 / English / Australian television
National / Year 9 & 10 / English and Media Literacy / Australian television
National / Year 7 & 8 / Civics and Citizenship / Citizenship in a democracy
Broadcaster control thumbnail

Broadcaster control

Liz Jacka details the history of broadcaster control and the introduction of the Australian Broadcasting Control Board.

VIC / VCE Unit 2 / Media / Australian media organisations
CAAMA & Indigenous Broadcasting thumbnail

CAAMA & Indigenous Broadcasting

A broadcast studio at Radio Redfern in the late 80s. Christina Spurgeon talks about the importance of providing media services to remote Indigenous communities to the culture, identity and language of Aboriginal Australians.

VIC / VELS Level 6 / English / Indigenous Broadcasting
National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Indigenous Studies
National / Year 9 & 10 / English and Media Literacy / Indigenous broadcasting
National / Year 9 & 10 / Indigenous Studies / Identity
Channel 9 and cricket thumbnail

Channel 9 and cricket

Self-confessed cricket lover Tim Bowden remembers when Channel 9 took over the cricket broadcasts from the ABC.

VIC / VCE Unit 1 / Media / Technologies of Representation
Family radio  thumbnail

Family radio

A young boy plays along with a musical game during one of the many ABC broadcasts for children. Children from around Australia tune into a kindergarten broadcast over the ABC. Tim Bowden remembers the ABC children's program The Argonauts.

National / Year 11 & 12 / Media Studies / Media Audiences
Newsreels before sound thumbnail

Newsreels before sound

Newsreels included events of both political and social importance and were screened all day long in specially designed cinemas.

National / Upper Primary / Media Arts / Past and Present Contexts
The Media Machine thumbnail

The Media Machine

Electrified, digitalised then globalised, the media machine has created fantasy so spectacular that it makes the truth look badly acted.

National / Year 9 & 10 / English and Media Literacy / Representation
National / Year 11 & 12 / Media Studies / Media Institutions
The Tyranny of Distance thumbnail

The Tyranny of Distance

Behind the scenes with the people who work to provide land-line telephone services.

VIC / VCE Unit 2 / Media / Media industry production
TV Pop & Rock thumbnail

TV Pop & Rock

The opening sequence from Six O'Clock Rock - Australia's first national teenage programme on the ABC. Scott Goodings gives a history of music shows on Australian television.

NSW / Stage 5 / Photographic and Digital Media / Interactive and Moving Forms