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Broadcasts in cyberspace

Trevor Barr contrasts the privileged access to public television broadcasts with the free information exchange on the Internet. Stephen Mayne celebrates the value of ABC Online as a national resource and describes how activists have used the Internet to successfully broadcast their alternative views.

NSW / Stage 6 HSC / Information Processes and Technology / Information Technologies
NSW / Stage 4 / Technology (Mandatory) / Information Technologies
NSW / Stage 5 / Information and Software Technology / Information Technologies
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Trevor Barr talks about convergence and the partnership between media broadcasters and Internet service providers.

VIC / VCE Unit 1 / Media / New Media
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Stuart Cunningham talks about how and why Australian content has changed over the last 40 years.

VIC / VCE Unit 1 / Media / New Media
National / Year 7 & 8 / Civics and Citizenship / Citizenship in a democracy