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Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle

Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory is the home of coastal Aboriginal People. On the beach it's time to play out one of the dramas of daily life - the return of the hunters.

From the website Australians At Work

Indigenous Business - A Cattle Station

The Yugal Cattle Co was given a grant of $336,000 to go into business running a cattle station. Their dreams of making money from cattle and beef export are big but there are problems. Traditional Indigenous laws are different from white man's law.

From the website Australians At Work

Tommy McRae & Mickey of Ulladulla

Working at the end of the 19th century, Aboriginal artists Tommy McRae and Mickey of Ulladulla drew the world around them with an extraordinary vitality and sensitivity to detail.

From the website Hidden Treasures

The Songlines

Various clan groups extending across the land were linked by networks of songs containing aspects of cultural heritage, mythology and identity.

From the website First Australians

The Rainbow Serpent

Ancient Australian creation myths of the Rainbow Serpent can be traced back in rock art at least 6000 years. All Rainbow Serpent stories share a common thread; the fundamental role of water in nature’s cycle of growth and regeneration.

From the website First Australians



An Outback Policeman's Life

In the remote outback, a policeman sets out with two Indigenous stockmen to inspect the many hundreds of kilometres he patrols. His duties cover everything from punishing lawbreakers to acting as postmaster.

From the website Australians At Work

Endeavour Journal

Written on board the Endeavour during his trip down under in 1770, James Cook’s journal records the beginning of Australia as we know it today.

From the website National Treasures

Stuart encounters Outback Aborigines

When John Stuart crossed the interior of Australia, he did so in ignorance of the complex set of boundaries and rules for the use of shared resources that existed among the Aboriginal people.

From the website Constructing Australia

Indigenous Rights - Repatriation

The repatriation of aboriginal remains is an issue close to Aboriginal peoples' hearts and spirit and play a significant part of the reconciliation process.

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Trade Routes

Australian ‘prehistory’ is the time before written language was used to record information. Culture was passed from one group to another, and from one generation to the next, in oral form, ceremonial dance, and through rock and bark visual art.

From the website First Australians

CAAMA & Indigenous Broadcasting

A broadcast studio at Radio Redfern in the late 80s. Christina Spurgeon talks about the importance of providing media services to remote Indigenous communities to the culture, identity and language of Aboriginal Australians.

From the website From Wireless to Web

Noel Tovey

Noel Tovey survived a childhood of poverty, neglect, sexual abuse and racial prejudice to become a leading light in the arts as an actor, choreographer, writer and theatre director.

From the website Australian Biography

European Observers

On January 26, 1788 the British arrived at what is now known as Sydney, New South Wales. From that day on, the lives of Australia’s indigenous peoples, their culture, history and traditions, were forever changed.

From the website First Australians

Oodgeroo Noonuccal

Writer and political activist Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poetry represents and captures the growing reaction by a new generation of indigenous Australians against the long-standing colonial mentality.

From the website First Australians



Dreamings, Through Indigenous Art

Indigenous art is like topographic mapping of land and culture. Michael Nelson Tjakamarra works at painting concentric circles which represent sacred sites.

From the website Australians At Work

The Art of Cattle Droving

An artist and two drovers capture the beauty of 1200 head of cattle making their way across the outback in the last great Australian cattle drive.

From the website Australians At Work

Remembering Eddie Mabo

Aboriginal Elder and teacher Douglas Bon remembers Eddie Mabo and the landmark land rights case he fought.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys

Political & civil rights


Faith Bandler - 1967 Referendum

Civil rights activist Faith Bandler has made an enormous contribution to the peace movement and indigenous politics.

From the website Australian Biography

Lowitja O'Donoghue - Reunion

Aboriginal leader and founding chairperson of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, Lowitja O’Donoghue has worked tirelessly for her people.

From the website Australian Biography

Rosalie Kunoth Monks - Speaking Out

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks is an actor, ex-nun and Aboriginal activist.

From the website Australian Biography

Charles Perkins - Freedom Ride

Charles Perkins’ involvement in the Freedom Ride through rural New South Wales in the early 1960s played a crucial role in demonstrating that Aboriginal people could begin to stand up for themselves.

From the website Australian Biography

Neville Bonner - Change

By the early 1960s, it was clear that Indigenous people were not being assimilated — discrimination against Indigenous people continued and many Indigenous people refused to surrender their culture and lifestyle. The assimilation policy had failed.

From the website Australian Biography

Indigenous Rights - Representation

Deputy Chief Minister Marion Scrymgour and Aboriginal Tent Embassy representative Robert Craigie discuss the representation of Aboriginal people in Australian political institutions.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys

Albert Namatjira

Northern Territory Art Gallery Curator Franchesca Cubillo talks about the life of acclaimed Arrente artist Albert Namatjira (1902-1959) and his citizenship granted in 1957.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys

Parliamentary Representation

The strength of democracies is founded on the breadth of the representation of it's parliamentarians.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys

National Peak Indigenous Body?

Students and the Honorable Mal Brough look at how best peak bodies work for the community they represent.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys

The Bark Petition

In 1963 the Aboriginal Elders at Yirrkala presented the Federal Government with a bark painting, the title deed to their country.

From the website Talkback Classroom - Learning Journeys