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Personal and Social Identity


Sense of Belonging

Joe and Monica Leo embark on a journey to Vanuatu to recover a small part of their past.

From the website Pacific Stories

Family Life in Geelong

In a typical 60s family a mother works to get dinner ready as the children come home after school. After Dad arrives home from work in the Holden, Mum serves traditional roast lamb and three vegetables.

From the website Australians At Work

An Australian Greek Wife

Toula, an Australian-born Greek wife, is a Workers' Compensation officer. Breaking free from traditional Greek women's roles, she desires a career and creative freedom.

From the website Australians At Work

The Social and Cultural World


Anna Naupa on Vanuatan heritage

Ni-Vanuatu writer and historian Anna Naupa discusses different views of South Sea Islander labour trade history.

From the website Pacific Stories

Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle

Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory is the home of coastal Aboriginal People. On the beach it's time to play out one of the dramas of daily life - the return of the hunters.

From the website Australians At Work

South Sea Islander in London

Omai, a young Tahitian warrior who joined Captain James Cook’s second voyage, had his portrait painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds and inspired a spectacular pantomime at Covent Garden.

From the website Hidden Treasures – Inside the National Library of Australia