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Topic 1 Constructing History


Phar Lap's Hide

In the 1930s, a New Zealand-born horse called Phar Lap won the hearts of Australians and became one of our most loved and enduring icons.

From the website National Treasures

Cuc Lam's Suitcase

It may be just a small red vinyl suitcase but for Vietnamese refugee Cuc Lam it’s a symbol of a new beginning in a new country.

From the website National Treasures

Topic 3 Thematic studies (heroes and villains)


Bradman's Bats

Donald Bradman’s bats are a reminder of how this cricket legend played himself into the record books, earning the status of Australian icon.

From the website National Treasures

Tom Roberts' Bailed Up

With its revolutionary approach to depicting the landscape and light, Tom Roberts’ Bailed Up is a painting that helped define Australia’s national identity.

From the website National Treasures

Endeavour Journal

Written on board the Endeavour during his trip down under in 1770, James Cook’s journal records the beginning of Australia as we know it today.

From the website National Treasures

Captain Cook in Hawaii

The story of Captain James Cook’s ill-fated final voyage to the Pacific is one of tragic cultural misunderstanding.

From the website Hidden Treasures – Inside the National Library of Australia