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Australia in the 1960s


Harold Holt's Australia

Harold Holt’s prime ministership represented a major social shift from the tradition and conservatism of the Menzies era, to that of the ‘swinging sixties’.

From the website Australian History Timeline

Citizenship in a Democracy


Life Savers on Bondi Beach

Early morning at an almost empty Bondi Beach. Rubbish is removed by local council workers and volunteer lifesavers check their gear, allocate safe surfing areas, and practise their lifesaving skills.

From the website Australians At Work

Historical Perspectives


Dreamings, Through Indigenous Art

Indigenous art is like topographic mapping of land and culture. Michael Nelson Tjakamarra works at painting concentric circles which represent sacred sites.

From the website Australians At Work

Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert

<cite>Aboriginal People in the Gibson Desert</cite> is an excerpt from the film <cite>Desert People</cite> (51 mins), produced in 1966. In 1966 a few Aboriginal families were living nomadic lives in the heart of Australia's Gibson Desert.

From the website Australians At Work