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Media Audiences


CAAMA & Indigenous Broadcasting

A broadcast studio at Radio Redfern in the late 80s. Christina Spurgeon talks about the importance of providing media services to remote Indigenous communities to the culture, identity and language of Aboriginal Australians.

From the website From Wireless to Web

Family radio

A young boy plays along with a musical game during one of the many ABC broadcasts for children. Children from around Australia tune into a kindergarten broadcast over the ABC. Tim Bowden remembers the ABC children's program <cite>The Argonauts</cite>.

From the website From Wireless to Web

Media Institutions


The Media Machine

Electrified, digitalised then globalised, the media machine has created fantasy so spectacular that it makes the truth look badly acted.

From the website Human Contraptions

Media Language


The Global Machine

Humans have always argued over territory; it’s just that the weapons get deadlier and the rules keep changing.

From the website Human Contraptions

The Sentimental Bloke Film

The classic 1919 silent movie <cite>The Sentimental Bloke</cite> is regarded as one of the greatest Australian films.

From the website National Treasures

The Sex Machine

Hit the morality brakes - the Great Love Boiler is overheating on daytime soaps and underwear ads.

From the website Human Contraptions