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Fletcher Jones and Staff thumbnail

Fletcher Jones and Staff

As the door on imports widened at a rapid rate in the 1980s, the Fletcher Jones clothing business struggled to remain competitive. But the company and staff were determined to have a go and keep the factories busy.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Post-World War 2 Society
Snowy Mountains Scheme thumbnail

Snowy Mountains Scheme

An estimated 100,000 people worked on the Scheme between 1949 and 1974, the year of its completion. Two-thirds of the them were immigrants from over 40 countries around the world. They changed the face of Australian society.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Immigration
The Art of Cattle Droving thumbnail

The Art of Cattle Droving

An artist and two drovers capture the beauty of 1200 head of cattle making their way across the outback in the last great Australian cattle drive.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Indigenous Studies
National / Year 9 & 10 / Indigenous Studies / Land
The Bridge Workers thumbnail

The Bridge Workers

The construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a massive investment for the NSW government. The cost was not only in monetary terms but also the destruction of significant areas of Sydney’s heritage and the loss of lives.

NSW / Stage 5 / History / Topic 3 Australia between the Wars
VIC / VELS Level 6 / History / Australian icons
National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Australian Icon
The Founding of Canberra thumbnail

The Founding of Canberra

In 1913 the Basic Living Wage of 2 pounds 8 shillings a week is introduced. Politicians, including William Morris (Billy) Hughes, lay the Foundation Stone for the new National Capital in Canberra.

NSW / Stage 5 / History / Topic 1 Australia to 1914