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Culture Reborn thumbnail

Culture Reborn

Traditional Polynesian dancing was suppressed by missionaries. It is now an important part of tourism and a means of cultural power.

NSW / Stage 6 HSC / Society and Culture / Social and Cultural Continuity and Change
Francis De Groot’s Sword thumbnail

Francis De Groot’s Sword

When right-wing agitator Francis De Groot upstaged the 1932 opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sliced through the ceremonial ribbon, the antique sword he wielded cemented its place as an Australian national treasure.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Great Depression
The Art of Cattle Droving thumbnail

The Art of Cattle Droving

An artist and two drovers capture the beauty of 1200 head of cattle making their way across the outback in the last great Australian cattle drive.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Indigenous Studies
National / Year 9 & 10 / Indigenous Studies / Land