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Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle thumbnail

Aboriginal People Make a Canoe and Hunt a Turtle

Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory is the home of coastal Aboriginal People. On the beach it's time to play out one of the dramas of daily life - the return of the hunters.

NSW / Stage 6 Preliminary / Society and Culture / The Social and Cultural World
Cane Cutters and Mateship thumbnail

Cane Cutters and Mateship

A group of men get together in a pub and form a cane - cutting gang. Five million tons of sugarcane have to be cut by hand in back breaking conditions in North Queensland.

NSW / Stage 6 HSC / Society and Culture / HSC Depth Study Work and Leisure
National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Identity
The Songlines thumbnail

The Songlines

Various clan groups extending across the land were linked by networks of songs containing aspects of cultural heritage, mythology and identity.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Indigenous Studies
National / Year 9 & 10 / Indigenous Studies / Culture
Trade Routes thumbnail

Trade Routes

Australian ‘prehistory’ is the time before written language was used to record information. Culture was passed from one group to another, and from one generation to the next, in oral form, ceremonial dance, and through rock and bark visual art.

National / Year 9 & 10 / English and Media Literacy / Identity