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Bitter Memories thumbnail

Bitter Memories

Bikinians are asked to leave their island to make way for US atomic testing.

VIC / VELS Level 5 / Geography / The Pacific Region
National / Year 7 & 8 / Civics and Citizenship / Citizenship in a democracy
Distant Voices -- Dennis O'Rourke interview  thumbnail

Distant Voices -- Dennis O'Rourke interview

Producer and director Dennis O'Rourke believes Bikinians did not fully understand why they left their home in the 1940s.

VIC / VELS Level 6 / History / Pacific Region
Lifetime in Limbo thumbnail

Lifetime in Limbo

The people of Bikini Atoll are still waiting to return home more than 50 years after the United States Navy removed them.

NSW / Stage 6 Preliminary / Modern History / Part 1 Case Studies (Pacific)