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Batavia Shipwreck Ruins thumbnail

Batavia Shipwreck Ruins

Stone ruins on Western Australia’s remote West Wallabi Island are the oldest structures built by Europeans in Australia and tell a tale of mutiny and murder.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Discovery and Exploration
Bonegilla Migrant Camp thumbnail

Bonegilla Migrant Camp

More than 300,000 migrants had their first taste of Australian life at the Bonegilla Migrant Camp in Victoria before moving out to transform Australia socially and culturally.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Immigration
Eureka Flag thumbnail

Eureka Flag

Since it fluttered above a group of rebellious gold miners at the 1854 Eureka Stockade, the flag of the Southern Cross has become a symbol of democracy and defiance.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Gold
Francis De Groot’s Sword thumbnail

Francis De Groot’s Sword

When right-wing agitator Francis De Groot upstaged the 1932 opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sliced through the ceremonial ribbon, the antique sword he wielded cemented its place as an Australian national treasure.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Great Depression
Fremantle Prison thumbnail

Fremantle Prison

Built by convicts in 1850, Fremantle Prison is the best-preserved convict-built prison in Australia and is part of the earliest phase of European settlement in Western Australia.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Colonisation
Naracoorte Fossil Mammal Site thumbnail

Naracoorte Fossil Mammal Site

The extraordinary build-up of fossils in South Australia’s World and National Heritage-listed Naracoorte Caves spans at least 350,000 years and provides rare evidence of Australia’s distinctive fauna and the way it has evolved.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Australia's Heritage
Ned Kelly's Armour thumbnail

Ned Kelly's Armour

From violent cop killer to a champion of the working class, bushranger Ned Kelly is a solid gold Australian icon and folk hero.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Australian Icon
Royal Exhibition Building thumbnail

Royal Exhibition Building

During the 19th century, Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building was an architectural masterpiece which showcased Australia’s arrival on the world stage as an economic powerhouse.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Australia's Heritage
Rules of AFL thumbnail

Rules of AFL

Ten hand-written rules displayed in a museum in the heart of the National Heritage-listed Melbourne Cricket Ground hold the key to a great Australian sport.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Identity
Wattie Creek thumbnail

Wattie Creek

Wattie Creek entered Australian folklore as the birthplace of the Aboriginal land-rights movement when Prime Minister Gough Whitlam visited the Gurindji people to grant them deeds to their land.

National / Year 9 & 10 / Australian History / Indigenous Studies