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Working to Play in a Rock Band

From the website Australians At Work.
Video clip synopsis – In order to earn a living the members of this rock band must work in mundane jobs during the day. At night they pursue their dreams of musical success.
Year of production - 1979
Duration - 2min 41sec
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Working to Play in a Rock Band

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About the Video Clip


Working to Play in a Rock Band is an excerpt from the film Bundy Into Dreamland (16 mins), an episode of the series Working (7 × 16 mins), produced in 1979. Working: The series is a window into the 70s and reflects different attitudes to work, including working for money, love, or passion, and working for an employer or being self- employed.

Bundy Into Dreamland: Part-time musicians discuss the problems involved in earning a living while playing in a band. In order to earn money, they must work at other more mundane jobs, such as in a factory or on a production line, and pursue their musical career in their spare time.

Working was produced by Film Australia.

Curriculum Focus


This Digital Resource can be used to achieve the following outcomes:
A student
5.2 uses and critically assesses a range of processes for responding and composing
5.3 selects, uses, describes and explains how different technologies affect and shape meaning
5.7 thinks critically and interpretively using information, ideas and increasingly complex arguments to respond to and compose texts in a range of contexts
5.9 demonstrates understanding of the ways texts reflect personal and public worlds

This material is an extract. Teachers and students should consult the Board of Studies website for more information.

Background Information


Artists of all genres, prior to establishing their careers, can experience a period of difficulty in supporting themselves financially. Balancing regular paid work with the time that can be devoted to a creative pursuit can be difficult and frustrating.
This can be a sorting out period when the talents and capabilities are matched against passion, dedication, perseverance and a commitment to producing a consistent and high quality work. In order to gain recognition, which may lead to financial success, these characteristics need to be supported by establishing good networks, excellent PR and support from within the sector or industry.
This period of gradually emerging into the public eye can be considered as a kind of apprenticeship.
Individual artists may find the isolation of working though this period challenging, although sharing studio space or accommodation can overcome this. A group of artists has the difficulty of developing and maintaining an equal level of focus and professionalism. The loyalty to the group can also be tested during this period. If artists/players shift their allegiance to other groups or drop out for any number of reasons, finding suitable replacements can create additional stress and even threaten the existence of the group.
Imagine dedicating two or three years or more to a group only to see it all crumble before you!

From the birth of rock and roll in 1954 thousands of young Australians have formed bands and practised in their garages, living in hope of being the next big thing.

Most have not succeeded, but many have maintained their love of creating music with mates in a group.

Classroom Activities

  1. List examples of how the video clip shows the passion, ambition, sacrifice and compromise needed to work in a rock band.
  2. Identify the positive and negative experiences about being in a band shown by the video clip.
  3. State the intended audience of the video clip.
  4. ‘From the birth of rock and roll in 1954 thousands of young Australians have formed bands and practised in their garages, living in hope of being the next big thing. Most have not succeeded, but many have maintained their love of creating music with mates in a group.’
    1. Discuss the above quote then list the qualities you think it takes to succeed as a rock band.
    2. Brainstorm and note any examples of rock bands that display your listed qualities.
    3. Dreams are essential’. Compose an 800-word letter, blog, personal article or short story using this theme.

Literacy Activity: Focus= Viewing / Listening

  1. What are the problems associated with working while playing in a rock band? (1 mark)
  2. What are the alternatives to working? (1 mark)
  3. Why is factory work ideal? (1 mark)
  4. According to one band member, why are dreams essential? (1 mark)
  5. What is the mood of the final sequence of shots and how is it created? (1 mark)

Further Resources


Bundy Into Dreamland, an episode of the series Working, Film Australia, 1979.